Bamboobies 2 pair Regular, Light Pink nursing pads

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What makes Bamboobies better than other nursing pads?

SOFTNESS: Bamboo is much softer than cotton, hemp or wool. Your tender nipples deserve nothing but the softest, most soothing fabrics.

ECO FABRICS: You deserve only all-natural, untreated, certified organic fibers.

HIGHER ABSORPTION: Ultra-soft wicking fibers close to your skin and hemp inner layers to wick and hold 4 times more liquid than cotton.

DESIGN: Regular Bamboobies are less visible through shirts because they have a waterproof backing and their heart-shaped cups the breast without a seam! No Leaks! No Lines! No Chafing!

BETTER FOR YOU -super-soft velour soothes chafed nipples -anti-microbial bamboo may help prevent breast infection -bamboo and hemp fabric absorb 4x more milk than cotton

BETTER DESIGN -ultra-thin fabrics show less through shirts -milk-proof: waterproof backing prevents milk stains -not wrinkly or crinkly like disposable pads

BETTER FOR THE PLANET -bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp fabrics are sustainable and fair-trade -washable pads means no waste -Handmade in Colorado

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