Designs 2 U Baby Safe Feeder Replacement Bags

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The Baby Safe Feeder is a fun and easy way for your baby to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables without added salt, spices, sugar or preservatives. You can now introduce your baby to fruits, vegetables and snacks of your choice. Just remove ring, put food into the Baby Safe Feeder mesh bag, screw tight. It is as simple as that! How to clean the Baby Safe Feeder?As soon as baby is finished take the feeder away. Rinse or use a soapy toothbrush to loosen food particles (sprayer on kitchen sink works well). Some foods such as bananas are more difficult to clean out of the feeder than others (try a white vinegar soak or baking soda with vinegar on a brush). Wash on top rack of dishwasher (use utensil basket) or wash with hot soapy water rinse well. The BABY SAFE FEEDER was purposely made with white mesh bags so that moms and caregivers are sure that the bag is clean for the next use. The Baby Safe Feeder is made, assembled and packaged in the U.S.A. using all quality products with your loved ones safety in mind. All the materials are FDA approved (NO LATEX OR PVC), BPA Free. It has been fully lab-tested and has been on the market for eight years now. Product Features:
  • 4 Replacement Bags
  • Made is USA
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