GroVia Snap Shell

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The GroVia Hybrid diaper system is the most functional system on the market. It's easy to use and very cost effective. You can buy into the system for a fraction of the cost of disposables or a diaper service.

They are beautifully functional, modern and are easily adaptable to suit your needs.  You can choose from a cloth or eco-friendly disposable Soaker Pad option that attaches to the shell which is a soft, waterproof outer cover.

When your baby is wet, simply remove the one soaker and replace with another. Typically parents state they can re-use the outer shell multiples times if it doesn't get soaked. There is a waterproof backing on types of Soaker Pads to keep your hands clean. Plus, Shells as I already mentioned can be worn 2- 3 times before laundering, which positively impacts both your wallet and the environment. 

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