KidCo Baby Steps Freezer Trays -2pkg

Article number: KidCo-F200
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This smart BabySteps Freezer Tray makes it very convenient for you to make baby food from the natural ingredients of your choice and then store it fresh in the refrigerator. Take out the frozen puree cubes, thaw and serve fresh and natural. All you need to do is prepare the baby puree, pour an ounce of serving into each partition of the tray, snap the lid on and put it in to the refrigerator. Once frozen, you can pop them out and put them in to refrigerator bags for later use. Why You'll Love It: It lets you store food for kids in the refrigerator in a hygienic way. Features One ounce size cubes Edges designed for labeling each section according to the food type Lid prevents any kind of leakage Can be washed in a dishwasher Free from BPA and phthalates Seven sections for seven servings
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