NUNA Rava- Convertible Car Seat

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The RAVA is simply smart. It is uncomplicated and unfussy.

You only have to make one car seat purchase with Nuna’s new RAVA convertible carseat because it will safely accommodate the littliest of babies - 5 lbs to start. Most babies will outgrow an average car seat by one year. If your lifestyle doesnt require you to use a portable car seat, start with the Rava. When you take you baby out of the car, simply carry them in a baby carrier or maybe they are ready for the stroller seat. Nuna has a fantastic stroller called the MIXX that you can recline the toddler seat and or you could add a bassinet. Once your little one has good upper body and head control they may be ready to transition to the stroller system.

The Nuna Rava is:

  • Appropriate for 5-50lbs, 49 inches or less. Can be used as both a rear-facing and forward-facing car seat
  • Seat pad is easy to clean, machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.
  • RAVA exceeds American safety standards for car seats. Fuss-free adjustments make this easy for parents to accomodate growing baby.
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