Thinkbaby Thinkbaby - Thinkster - Straw Bottle 9oz - Green

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Most of the sippy cups and straw bottles on the market have hard plastic spouts or rubber spouts. We built the thinkbaby straw bottle with soft silicone staw. This makes it perfect for the advanacement to the next stage in feeding. The straw features a cross cut design so they do not spill when held upside down, which obviously happens‰Û_quite often. The top of the bottle features a easy to close cover to keep it from coming into contact with foreign substances.. The Sippy cup and thinkster have won numerous awards. There are also quite a few youtube postings from parents delighted with them. The thinkster is made from No. 5 plastic and therefore can be recycled after use. You may also notice that we do not use clear plastic windows with our products. We have found that these windows are made from PET or PVC. It doesn‰Ûªt make sense to take a safe bottle and put it up against something that can off gas onto the product. Free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, and biologically harmful chemicals. No Spill straw!!! ‰ÛÒ features our cross cut design. Extra soft, medical grade straw provides easy transition from sippy cup to the next stage of feeding straw bottles. Perfect for 16 to 48 months Comes with easy to close swivel top ‰ÛÒ reduces chance of spillage during travel and protects the straw from coming into contact with foreign substances. Dishwasher safe (Top rack recommended). Recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World, Safbaby, MetroMoms
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