Under the Nile Organic Cotton GOTS Sleeping doll

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Sleeping doll, Jungle print, Organic Cotton GOTS. These little first time dolls are perfectly healthy for your child and environment. As the hot Egyptian sun begins to rise up into the clear blue sky, a village woman makes her way to the Nile River to fill her clay pot with cool water. The warm golden sand swishes at her feet and she sings the story of her life and the lives of so many before her. These songs are woven into each thread of our toys at Under the Nile. In each toy lives the warmth of the Egyptian sun, the magic of the Nile, and the spirit of Egypt. 

Under the Nile cotton is: 

  • Organically cultivated and grown 
  • Handpicked in Egypt
  • Environmentally friendly production 
  • Dyed with natural metal-free colors
  • Fairtrade product
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