About us

EcoBaby Gear was born in 2008 out of our dream to have an all-inclusive store that features eco-friendly baby products, essential for the environmentally conscious family. Natives of Portland, Oregon we are a locally owned and operated family business. Our mission is to provide families and their infants and children safe, natural, organic and eco-friendly products.   We are mindful of the products we sell. We take the time and effort to research products and our vendors to meet the highest of standards. Our owner is also the founder of our mother corporation, International Loving Touch Foundation. We offer professional development for therapists, classes, workshops and parenting support groups.

Here is our updated story. We closed the physical store in October of 2018 due to higher expenses and competition with the larger online giants. People just aren't shopping the same way they have in the past. To keep going, our plan was to expand our website and mobilize that community. Then COVID-19 hit. That put a halt to many things. We fell to our knees. Now as we are beginning 2022 we still have our smaller space functioning. It will never be the same as before, and perhaps we will not exist someday. However, our smaller version of our retail store does still cater to a specific group of people. I call it the Ecobaby Gear Suite (Sweet). Mostly by appointment only, a concierge type service. We will assist you in making a plan for your nursery. By keeping a limited amount of inventory on hand, mostly the really important items, and then the more specific items we can place special orders. This will give you better choices, designs, styles and colors. We also have closer relationships with our vendors so we know what is in stock and when it should arrive. Hopefully beating an online order with an unknown robot who can't give you that detailed information and you don't know if you will get it on time or not. So please give us a call and set up a time, or just a chat on the phone to see if we can help you. Shop local.  Baby Wishes to you!